The Importance of Travel Teams


Playing on a travel team is about so much more than just the game. It is an opportunity to be seen by college coaches and scouts, bringing players one step closer to achieving their higher education goals.


Benefits of Playing Travel Ball


Travel ball gives players more than just the opportunity to play baseball; they increase players’ visibility. Because travel ball teams are selective about who joins their rosters, baseball scouts and coaches attend travel ball tournaments and showcase events looking to recruit talented players. Playing for a travel ball team puts players in a position to be seen and discovered, and provides athletes with opportunities that high school teams cannot.


A Path to College


Our hope is that players of all backgrounds can use baseball as a path to colleges and universities, and that the skills they learn with us serve them both on the field and in the classroom. Our scouting and recruiting director, Dan Dixon, uses his decades of experience to guide our players and their families through the process, helping identify college programs that best serve their needs.